Second Hand Catering Equipment

Looking for Second Hand Catering Equipment

If you are a caterer on a budget, and who’s not these days, then what are options if you need to replace equipment or are setting up a new restaurant or food outlet? One way you can save money is to consider buying second hand catering equipment for your kitchen.Second Hand Blue Seal Cooker

What are the advantages of choosing to buy second hand catering equipment or used restaurant equipment over new commercial kitchen equipment? Well the main benefit of choosing used over new catering or restaurant  equipment is the saving that can be had on the purchase price. Typically second hand commercial catering kitchen equipment can be bought for less than half the cost of new.

What are the disadvantages of choosing to buy second hand catering equipment?

Well there are many depending upon where the equipment is bought from.

  1. How old it the kitchen equipment?
  2. How well has it been maintained?
  3. Is it in good working order?
  4. If it’s Gas equipment: Does it conform to the current Gas regulations?
  5. Don’t forget a registered Gas installer will not install equipment that is not working correctly or does not meet the latest Gas Reg’s.
  6. New catering equipment comes with a full manufactures warrantee.

Where is the best place to buy second hand catering equipment or used restaurant equipment?

There are many options available for a caterer to buy used equipment.

  1. Look in the local free or classified ads.
  2. Check out any restaurants closing down near you.
  3. Do a search on-line.
  4. Try looking on EBay.
  5. Buy from a second hand catering equipment supplier.

What would be the best option? Well you can pay your money and take a chance with the first four options.

If you choose option five, most suppliers will have cleaned and tested the equipment prior to sale and most will give a guarantee. We are also suppliers of second hand catering equipment and all our equipment is cleaned, serviced, will meet current Gas/Electrical regulations and would be supplied with a warrantee.

If you would like more information about new catering equipment or used catering equipment we can supply please click on these links.

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