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Commercial Catering Fridges and Freezers for Sale in the UK

One essential requirement for any commercial catering kitchen would be a commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer. The basic health regulations for a catering or a restaurant kitchen demands that fresh meat, fish and dairy products are kept in a controlled chilled temperature environment.Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator differs from a domestic fridge because it is designed to work in hot catering kitchens and be able to maintain its temperature. In a catering kitchen the refrigerator is accessed constantly so the refrigeration unit has to keep the cabinet at a constant safe temperature.

How to choose a commercial fridge or commercial freezer.

When choosing a commercial refrigerator or a commercial freezer it has to be remembered that different food products require different temperatures to keep the food in perfect condition. That is why in most catering establishments there would be several refrigerators each with a different food product assigned to it. So you might see a number of refrigerators each holding fresh meat, fish, dairy and cooked foods, although this is not always the case in a smaller restaurant and catering kitchens. The holding temperature for freezers is not so diverse so most will be operating at -18 to -20 centigrade.

Commercial FreezerWhat sizes do commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers come in?

Commercial fridges and freezers can be purchased in various sizes and finishes to suit many different applications in a commercial catering kitchen.

  • Single door under counter or free standing. These are the smallest in the range and are ideal for use in a compact kitchen layout where space is at a premium.
  • Single door upright, a practical choice of many caterers. Popular sizes 400, 600 and 700 litre capacities.
  • Double door upright, a larger option where more kitchen space is available. Choice of 800, 1000, 1100 and 1200 lire sizes.
  • Counter refrigerators and freezers, these are ideal for kitchens where a work preparation area is needed with chilled of frozen storage under. These units are available in two, three and four door options.
  • Walk in cold rooms and freezers, these units can be custom built to fit any space.

This is just a brief overview in this short article of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers, if you would like more information or advice please click on the link below.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers.

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